| Diamond wall safe

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Comfort and Space

The Diamond wall safe is designed to fit perfectly into the wall of a closet or hotel room. It is protected by a sturdy frame. It has all the same features of the diamond series: user friendly 3 to 6 digit code or opens using a card with magnetic strip, it also has audit trail capabilities.

This safe is perfect for any business person or traveler to store their important documents or smart devices. This safe is compatible with the CEU handheld device.









CEU Computerized Emergency Unit
The CEU has multiple functions. Its electronic override system allows you to open the safe in case of emergency without using the manual key. It also provides an audit trail which downloads the last 100 openings. The CEU also provides an emergency power supply which allows you to open the safe when the batteries are depleated.

Emergency Key
The high security mechanical lock is located under the silver plate on the door. In case of an emergency the key can also be used to open the safe.

The triangular pedestal adapts to all Diamond models. It adds height to the safe if installed on the floor of a closet. This allows the safe to be easily accessible to the guest.

The lockblock works with the GranadaTK and Monaco TKsafes. They also work with any Tourisafe safes. The lockblock is designed with a simple lock and two keys